Hanshi Adams began teaching children in 1975. In 1978 he became the first person to offer competition specifically for children with the 1st All Pee Wee Karate Championships held in Eustis, Florida.

From the beginning, Hanshi Adams incorporated Martial games to keep children interested in training, the first of which were the "Obstacle Course" game, Sensei Says, Helicopter, Copycat, Horsey Game, use of Red Light Green Light, and many others. Over 30 years ago Hanshi Adams adopted and re-invented the judo belt system for the children's belt system used by most martial arts today incorporating striped belts with each color section having first a white stripe followed by a solid belt followed by a black stripe, i.e. Yellow belt white stripe, Yellow Belt, Yellow belt black stripe. Today the belt system used for children within the TKA are as follows:

White Belt (this belt comes with the uniform and does NOT require testing)
Yellow Belt White Stripe
Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt Black Stripe
Orange Belt White Stripe
Orange Belt
Orange Belt Black Stripe
Green Belt White Stripe
Green Belt
Green Belt Black Stripe
Blue Belt White Stripe
Blue Belt
Blue Belt Black Stripe
Brown Belt White Stripe
Brown Belt
Brown Belt Black Stripe
Half Brown Half Black Belt
Black Belt White Stripe
Black Belt (Children must be 16 years of age or have 10 years continuous training)

When a child reaches the Brown Belt level (Sankyu) they are treated and expected to act like an adult!